The partial truth about us is hard to accept: We hurt those we love. We fail to step in when others need us most. We do wrong—and we need forgiveness. From others and from God, but also from ourselves.

But the full truth about us is liberating and freeing: While we are more deeply flawed than we can imagine, we also are far more valuable and cherished than we can comprehend. To reach the place of self-forgiveness, we must embrace this truth. The gift of God’s acceptance frees us from self-blame, guilt, and shame.

In this practical, inspiring book, Everett identifies six steps to forgiving yourself:

  • Receive God’s forgiveness
  • Repair relationships
  • Rethink ruminations
  • REACH emotional self-forgiveness
  • Rebuild self-acceptance
  • Resolve to live virtuously

Self-blame, shame, and self-condemnation plague many people and keep them from living lives of freedom and abundance. If you are haunted by the pain of your mistakes and shortcomings, Moving Forward offers you a way to break free from the ghosts of your past.