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The Hope-Focused Approach to Couple Enrichment

Hope-focused Couple Approaches, for couple enrichment or therapy, is composed of a Forgiveness and Reconciliation through Experiencing Empathy (FREE) portion and a communication and conflict resolution portion (Handling Our Problems Effectively, HOPE). Here are:

Resources on the Hope-Focused Approach (Print-based)

Here are Assessment Instruments and an example Assessment Report, complete with permission to adapt.

We have a recent book:

Resources on the Hope-Focused Approach (Web-based)

For additional resources on the Hope-Focused Approaches—such as training videos, written and other resources for lay people and professionals—see the Hope Project web page, created by Dr. Jennifer S. Ripley.

In addition, we have provided a summary of research and writing on the Hope-Focused Approach and on the forgiveness program to REACH forgiveness.