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REACH Forgiveness Groups—20 Hours of Exercises for Secular and Christian Groups

The Five Steps to REACH Forgiveness and Becoming a More Forgiving Person is a psychoeducational small group program available for anyone's use (requiring citation and proper acknowledgement, but requiring no fees). There are two versions in Word documents to permit you to modify and tailor the groups to your own setting:

Leader Manual and Participant Manual for Psychoeducational Groups for Becoming a More Forgiving Person for Use in Secular Groups.

Leader Manual and Participant Manual for Psychoeducational Groups for Becoming a More Forgiving Christian for Use in Groups Tailored to Christians.

The above manuals have over 20 hours of exercises for the psychoeducational group format, and people who download the materials can cut and paste exercises pertinent for the amount of time and type of attendees.

REACH Forgiveness Groups—6 Hours Christian Groups

At present, Ev is conducting a multi-site study in 16 explicitly Christian colleges (funded by the Fetzer Institute), and within that study, explicitly Christian groups are conducted for 6 hours. Thus, the Leader-6-Hour Manual and Participant-6-Hour Manual reflect what Ev considers the best exercises to use within a focused 6-hour psychoeducational group. Feel free also to download these.

DVD for Leading Christian Forgiveness Groups

To demonstrate how to lead these groups, Ev has made a DVD. The DVD is 2 hours that condenses a 6-hour group plus discussion with the people who are in the group about how to lead effective groups. The DVD is free, but please send a request by US Mail with a check made to VCU Department of Psychology for $4 to reimburse postage and handling costs. Send the check to: Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Department of Psychology, PO Box 842018, Richmond VA, 23284-2018.

REACH Forgiveness Workbooks to Help People Forgive (Secular)

The Forgiveness Workbook takes about 6 to 7 hours to complete and people have reported even more success at forgiving than when they attend pschoeducational groups. We have an in press article reporting the efficacy of the first of those with a secular sample. (Two other studies—another bigger one using a secular sample is under review and one using a Christian-tailored workbook with a sample from communities of Christians—are submitted, but have not yet been accepted.)