Forgiveness is a frequent challenge in life and a common concern of clients in psychotherapy. While it is easy to see the emotional benefits of forgiveness, actually forgiving a transgressor can be difficult. And the process may be either helped or hindered by the way one relates to the sacred. In some cases, spiritual transformation may be needed before one is able to forgive.

This book presents a model of forgiveness and relational spirituality based on clinical practice and supported by empirical research. Everett Worthington and Steven Sandage bring together decades of experience as both researchers and clinicians to show the differing ways in which spiritual and religious experiences can shape concerns, values, and practices that may facilitate or hinder forgiveness among clients.

Their model highlights relational factors (attachment and differentiation) and action-oriented interventions for emotion regulation. Applications are described for short-term therapy, long-term therapy, couple and family therapy, and group therapy.

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Forgiveness in Couple Therapy

With Everett L. Worthington Jr. and Steven J. Sandage
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