In this age of selfies, instant celebrity, and corporate scandals, there is a pressing need for greater humility.

This book synthesizes research and theory relevant to humility and heroism, articulating a vision of heroic humility — humility of such great depth that it inspires others.

Fortunately, humility can be learned. It has three aspects: an honest self-appraisal (including an attitude that one is teachable), modest self-presentation, and an orientation toward building others up rather than putting them down. People who embody heroic humility not only demonstrate instances of great humility, but practice it throughout their lives, even when severely tested.

This book likens the formation of a humble character to a hero’s journey, with a “call,” a passage through challenges and temptations, a descent into abyss, and redemption.

An impressive array of examples — such as Mother Teresa, Malala Yousafzai, and Abraham Lincoln — illustrate that no two heroic journeys are identical.

This insightful volume challenges readers to embark on their own journey of heroic humility in their work, service, and personal lives.